Funny Flash Game Kitty Cannon

Play online amazing and entertaining flash game Kitty Cannon for free and earn high scores. Here it is guys, funny and entertaining flash game – Kitten Cannon some of you may also know this game under the name of Kitty Cannon, well name really doesn’t matter as far as you can play it for free online at our web-site.

Some people might not like this game while others will play it for hours without stop. In other words those who will enjoy it will be addicted to it! Those of you who wont like this game can try

This game really doesn’t have some special rules or requirements, everything is pretty basic and anyone can play it from first try, no special guide readings or something like that. However, it has two main things which you should keep in mind:

1)      Aim your cannon well, make correct angle and fire power in order to cover maximum distance.

2)      Once you have finished calculations you are free to fire your cannon.

As you can see main rules are pretty simple and easy to follow, they don’t require any skill from you. Many things depend on luck in Kitty Cannon, if you are lucky enough you can cover huge distances even after making some major mistakes on the start.

There are also different objects in the game, some of them can slow down your speed and even stop you from going any further, while other objects can accelerate your speed and increase distance. Well, it really doesn’t matter what these objects are, because you can’t change outcome of the game, once you have made your shot you can only count on your luck and nothing more.

Now some few words about graphics: graphics of the game are pretty good, maybe because it looks like cartoon type of the game and it doesn’t require much work, yet it can look well. Details of the game and obstacles are fine, same way as physics of the game.

Well, hope you enjoyed this game, if you have some questions about this funny game, leave them below in comment section, have fun!

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