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Return Man 3 game guide

Return man 3 is an easy flash game developed by the ESPN. The game is an easy task that focuses on the titular return man who attempts to make a touchdown. This is a fast-paced game played with the keyboard with much ease.

return man 3

How it is played: the game starts with your personality, plus three others who are part of your team who game against the opposite team. Using the keys I, J, K, L to move the player and A, S and D to make specialized moves. Your character has to take the ball and place it on the touchdown area. The teammates try to block the opposing team and assist you make a touchdown

Special features: despite the game being simple, it entails some features to avoid it from getting bored quickly. First, there are some speeds boosters that help you raise your pace and get to the other end without being tackled. With time, you earn special moves to aid you from being tackled, this include the capability to dodge the opposing team. The skills are only available once in the game thus they cannot be a guarantee for success in each game. The skills are purchased using the game currency, furthermore, the environment of the game changes throughout. It can even be snow making the player have a hard time making a touchdown.


Final remarks; the return man is an easy game with simple controls, but the game does not get boring any quickly. Due to its fast pace, it the best for casual play, but the high stake means you have to try hard not to fail and start all over. Also don’t miss opportunity to play another funny flash game Haunt the house 2 full version.

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