All You Need To Know About Happy Wheels Demo

All You Need To Know About Happy Wheels DemoThe other name for Happy Wheels Demo is the world’s most popular racing game, with thousands of people enjoying it every day except you Don’t take that seriously unless it’s true. Nevertheless, Happy Wheels Demo provides players with a real challenge to avoid real accidents (I’ll tell you how in a bit).

Basics of the Game

The first thing to know: your primary task is to move from the starting point to the destination. The second task is: avoid accidents at all costs.

Characters in the Happy Wheels

In this game, there will be three characters at your disposal. A person

1. In a wheel chair

2. With a segway

3. With a bicycle and a kid behind

Hence the first thing you do is choose a character (one character at a time) at the beginning of the game. Trust me each of these characters will give you a fascinating and a thrilling experience.

Happy Wheels Demo’s Play Menu

Yes this game has a play menu, it’s that serious The play menu includes:

· Option Menu

This menu has sound and graphical options. You remember I said before I’ll tell you how about real accidents? Well I think this is good a time than any to do so Cause accidents while playing this game and you’ll know the power in this option menu. I’ll give you a hint, a character’s hand or leg will get cut in an accident, you’ll see and hear them cry in pain and you’ll see them move without the leg, hand etc.

· Control Menu

Provides you with access to various control keys and their easy to learn and perform actions.

· Level Editor Menu

This level does not mean you can create a new happy wheels demo game level as you may think. Simply, it means that your ability to create a new level is limited. Disappointed? Oops sorry

· About Menu

This menu gives you an opportunity to know the name of the contributors as well as their great contributions.

Happy Wheels Demo Levels

This racing game has a total of nine levels as described below:

1. Obstacle Course Level

This is the very first level or what other people would call ‘beginners level’. It simply requires that you move to the destination through a series of the game’s simplest obstacles.

2. Gut Bus Extreme level

This is the level immediately after level 1. The best character to use here is the segway guy or else you may never get to the destination. This is because the character has to move inside a bus and it’s much easier with the segway man than any other.

3. BMX Park II

Is the level immediately after Gut BUS Extreme. The only character allowed is the bicycle man with a kid behind with whom you are expected to climb to the top and down on a vertical-spiral path. Obstacles are there of course hence great care and speed is required.

4. Snowy Mountain Final

It is immediately after level 3. You should press and hold until you get the segway guy released from the hole. Apparently, he is the only accessible character for this level.

5. Dawn of the Dead

This is the level immediately after level 4. You are supposed to use our one wheeler guy to save a town from an insane scientist.

6. A Large Satan Eats You

It’s the level immediately after level 5. It’s one of the most dangerous levels so says the name! Any character will do in this level so suit yourself.

7. Trap Trac

It’s the immediate level after level 6. It is a super interesting level where you use the segway guy to push object using the head and at the greatest speed you can.

8. It Keeps Happening

This is the level after Trap Trac. So just use any character to make it happen.

9. Rope Swings

This is the final level. It’s only accessible through the segway man.

Note: The first level is the easiest and that means the last level/level nine is the hardest so keep trying.

Play Online KawaiRun 2

The KawaiRun 2 is a flawless game that allows you to showcase your exceptional skills as you run, jump and slide. You’ve to dodge numerous obstacles through its rather challenging campaign mode. It’s a pretty simple game that’s designed for casual and competitive play.

kawairun 2

Its concept is pretty easy to grasp. You’ve to take your avatar, which boasts complete customization, and place them onto a track. The purported track is dynamically generated, so it is somewhat different each time you play it. Numerous obstacles are placed in different locations, where you’re required to dodge them to move to the next stage.

The game’s objective is equally simple. Using the arrow keys, you must run, jump and slide your way towards the finish line. It isn’t as simple as you might anticipate, though. Remember, this game is comprised of loads of obstacles that are usually placed in quite challenging locations.

Game modes
You can enjoy plenty of game modes with KawaiRun 2. It takes the enjoyment of the previous version and places it in an entirely new setting. As a player, you can now appreciate exceptionally designed levels. The campaign mode takes you through the game’s different environments one by one, and as you progress, the level of difficulty intensifies.

You can likewise play classic Kawai run style in the game’s survival mode, in which the dynamic course is entirely randomly generated without end. The primary goal is to figure out how far you’re able to go, even amid dozens of obstacles on your way.

This game boasts a fairly simple set of controls, which are exceptionally intuitive and easy to grasp. These controls are also rewarding, more so if you can master them to perfection. While there isn’t much room for advanced play, the game encompasses minor techniques—such as moving forward while hovering across a gap. This guarantees that you can easily make it to the finish.

The first player (player one) uses the arrow keys as normal, whereas the player two uses a WASD layout in controlling the character. Utilize the arrow keys to control the character; you’ve to press the down arrow key two times in order to roll. The up arrow key is used if you wish to hover in the air.


The game supports two-player local multiplayer, a feature that’s becoming rare in the current world of video games. For those who wish to kill a bit of time, the game allows you to play with a friend. This is also a sure way to enjoy the game. Get up to two levels to unlock the multiplayer mode, and then play with your friend nearby.

The KawaiRun 2 is indeed a great game that is worthy of your time. It can be played both casually and competitively. Its controls are quite easy to master, and the game is exclusively skilled-based. It’s all about being able to dodge the numerous obstacles on the way. It makes it rewarding when you beat your highest score. In a nutshell, it provides hoards of rewarding game-play for all types of gamers. As well if you like American football play it at


Finding Free Schlitterbahn Coupon Codes

Having trouble finding Schlitterbahn Coupon Codes? Yes? Worry no more! We`ve got your back. Following is a list of places where you`re guaranteed of getting these coupon codes easily. What`s more, you can access these places at the comfort of your home.

Schlitterbahn Logo

Let’s dive into more details of such places:
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What is Schlitterbahn?
Schlitterbahn is the name of a group which runs up to 4 water packs in the physical locations: South Padre, New Braunfels, Kansas City and Galveston. In all these water parks, you’ll be lucky to encounter the most innovative and fun rides for your family.

The group also offers a special discount to make the cost of your trip affordable, thus you’ve nothing to worry about when it comes to the trip`s cost to the water parks. You gonna love this- spending the summer in a style!

And now to our main topic…

Where do I Find Schlitterbahn Coupon Codes?
As you’d expect, there are many ways of finding schlitterbahn coupon codes. Let’s look at all these methods below:

Online Stores
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Gift Cards
You can also acquire schlitterbahn gift cards and use them as tickets. The cards are more profitable than gift coupons and are readily available at HEB centers!

Still noting the places? Good, let’s focus on EBay as another way of obtaining you schlitterbahn promotion codes. Did you that EBay is a source of the best offers on schlitterbahn coupon codes? If No, now you know- smile.

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Schlitterbahn Official Site
Another cool and much simpler way of obtaining these promotion codes is visiting the group’s official site []. At their official site, you can access as many codes as possible. All you’ve to do is enter the online codes once you`ve bought a ticket through the site.

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Bottom Line
Now you’ve it- a list of places for finding schlitterbahn coupon codes right from your home. Taking your whole family for a summer treat at this amazing waterpark will be such an amazing experience! If you like to spend your time at Water parks read more about Raging Waters water park here : and get the latest coupon codes .


How to play Raze 3 and enjoy it’s best new features

Raze 3 is a Futuristic Flash game made by Sky9 Games which is a sequel to Raze 2. It is an action game which contains two main stories where you can choose to fight as a human to save Earth or be an alien and fight to conquer the whole Earth. This is fighting & shooting type of the game just like Super Smash Flash 2 (

Raze 3 takes over after Raze and Raze 2 where the invasion of aliens 10 years ago was finally defeated and left everything on earth in ashes. Therefore in Raze 3 you can choose to be part of the last recruited team to serve as a member of the Special Forces squad, in order to prevent new enemies from invading, conquering and destroying the earth once more, or choose to be part of the team that wants to conquer the earth.

What makes this game even more interesting is the fact that you need to know how to make a strategic plan, you must be very focused and be smart to learn from your mistakes.

How to play Raze 3 and enjoy it’s best new featuresHOW TO PLAY RAZE 3.

When the game introduction loads, select Local Save then click Continue. After the Main Dashboard screen in the next page loads, you can click on the Option wheel icon on the left side corner at the bottom of the screen. Then you can choose to put Sound off/on and after you are through you can click back.

Raze 3 game has various game modes that you can choose from, which include Quick Match Mode and Campaign Mode, all modes are free to play at

> In Campaign Mode you are supposed to complete 15 challenging levels.

First, you have to play as the human soldier and after you complete this level you may now unlock an alien partner to make a strong alliance. In this Mode you have to complete the levels one at a time. As you move on to the next level it becomes more difficult compared to the previous levels . Between each Campaign level you can be able to use some of your earned credits acquired from your good performance in order to enhance your weapons and to be able to purchase attribute upgrades.

In Quick Match Mode you are supposed to take part in a one-off Death Match. You have to score certain number of eliminations in order to win by killing as many enemies as you can manage to.


Movement – [A] [W] [S] [D] or Arrow Keys.

Double jump – Press W twice or Up Arrow.

Left mouse click – To fire.

Previous/Next – [E]/ [Q] or [Enter]/[Shift].

Select specific weapon – [1][2][3][4][5][6].

Use ability – [F]/Ctrl]

Pause – [Esc]/[P]

In order to progress well, you need to look at the top right corner during your initial Training Level where you will see tips of your special abilities

In conclusion, the amazing thing about Raze 3 is that you can be able to pick new weapons and drop old ones, since it has a huge selection of weapons which include rocket launchers, automatic weapons and sniper rifles.


Funny Flash Game Kitty Cannon

Play online amazing and entertaining flash game Kitty Cannon for free and earn high scores. Here it is guys, funny and entertaining flash game – Kitten Cannon some of you may also know this game under the name of Kitty Cannon, well name really doesn’t matter as far as you can play it for free online at our web-site.

Some people might not like this game while others will play it for hours without stop. In other words those who will enjoy it will be addicted to it!

This game really doesn’t have some special rules or requirements, everything is pretty basic and anyone can play it from first try, no special guide readings or something like that. However, it has two main things which you should keep in mind:

1)      Aim your cannon well, make correct angle and fire power in order to cover maximum distance.

2)      Once you have finished calculations you are free to fire your cannon.

As you can see main rules are pretty simple and easy to follow, they don’t require any skill from you. Many things depend on luck in Kitty Cannon, if you are lucky enough you can cover huge distances even after making some major mistakes on the start.

There are also different objects in the game, some of them can slow down your speed and even stop you from going any further, while other objects can accelerate your speed and increase distance. Well, it really doesn’t matter what these objects are, because you can’t change outcome of the game, once you have made your shot you can only count on your luck and nothing more.

Now some few words about graphics: graphics of the game are pretty good, maybe because it looks like cartoon type of the game and it doesn’t require much work, yet it can look well. Details of the game and obstacles are fine, same way as physics of the game.

Well, hope you enjoyed this game, if you have some questions about this funny game, leave them below in comment section, have fun!