About admin – Chloe

About admin - Chloe

Hello, my name is Chloe, I’m big fan of gaming, I remember when I first got my console (it was Dendi) I played it for hours nonstop until my mom pulled me off from it. It was amazing experience for me and from that moment I knew that I was gamer. Since that technology changed dramatically and things changed in a better way. Today we have PC gaming as well as console gaming and new thing VR started to emerge as well. With all these opportunities we have so many options and all of them are just amazing.

Currently I’m playing Dota 2 as well as Call Of Duty WW2 oh and Overwatch as well, they all have amazing graphics and everything is so well developed it is just mind-blowing how much did we manage to achieve in such a short time.

So I was wondering, what will the gaming world look like in say 20 years? I mean what should we expect? I can’t even imagine and I’m so looking forward to it. One thing is for sure, I will stay gamer even in my 40s and above, I love playing and it won’t change in the future.

Meanwhile I will write some articles about different flash games, I enjoy playing them while I’m at work and I got pretty good at games like Happy Wheels, Tank Trouble, etc. My articles will come as guides and I hope they will help you to overcome different difficulties in the game.

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